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Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is psychodynamic therapy?

The psychodynamic approach to working with problems is a tried and tested method of helping people which focuses not just on the symptoms, problems and issues which people develop, but also on the underlying thoughts, feelings and conflicts which may be causing these problems. Often, we need someone else to help us understand and deal with the real reasons why we find it so difficult to cope with the distress of what we are going through now. This is a different experience to helping approaches which might offer a quick solution, one which is often short-lived and we are disappointed when we find ourselves back where we started.

How does psychodynamic therapy work?

I will work with you to help you to get in touch with the real difficulties which, if not properly understood and worked through, lead to repeated painful experiences, which often make people depressed or angry or feeling hopeless and helpless.

If we have friends, we feel lucky to have a listening ear, someone who is there for us and who might help with some advice. I won't give advice (I want to help you to not have to always depend on a therapist), but I will listen to you and try to understand what's being communicated at different levels (we often find it difficult to communicate thoughts and feelings directly) and also pay attention to how we are experiencing each other. This is a key component of psychodynamic work.

I am trained to work both short and long term and during the consultation process we will discuss what you think is most appropriate and helpful for you.

"A symptom is not something just to be diagnosed,rather it should be seen as a clue..."

"What has proven difficult to express will find expression in another way...."

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